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Thanksgiving 2001 in Mt Dora, Florida

Another year is almost over and Thanksgiving is once again upon us. Mary thought she would like to have Thanksgiving at her new home and none of us gave her any reason to abandon that thought. Especially me!!! Mary has been in Mt Dora now for 4 months and she has made some of her immediate neighbors her very good friends as well. In fact, she has adopted Richard and Mike as her Florida sons. She's crazy about both of them, but Richard does have a boat............. She likes you too, Mike!!! It was only right that she spend Thanksgiving with her new adopted family and the following pictures will show you what a great job that Mary, Debbie and Liz did with dinner.

This is how things looked when I arrived at Mary's house. I was the first one there and Mary was carving the turkey.

Here's Mary doing the carving now!

Everyone's here now and the food is disappearing fast.

This is (two legs at a time) Richard.

This is Mike. He beat Richard. He not only has two legs but a dish also. Not bad for a guy without a boat!

This is Debbie. She's married to Mike. In case you forgot, he's the one without the boat.

This is Mary. She does pretty good at eating turkey too!

This is Liz. She's married to Richard.

This is me, Don. Geez, you'd think I haven't had a real homecooked meal in months. Oh yeah, I haven't!!

This is Mary with her two adopted sons, Mike and Richard.

Mike,Debbie,Mary,Richard and Liz

Mike,Debbie,Don,Richard and Liz

Mary and Don