Photos & captions provided by Tom Mcdonald

This is a group shot of some fellow Hofn inmates taken at the local airport before the annual hike back to the site.I am the one in the back row wearing the 82TCF hat (and clowning around with my supervisor, Sue Connors.)

This photo is one I purchased from the USAF of an F-4 and E3A flying over the site. I really like this picture.

This last photo is a Russian Bomber, I believe a TU-55, flying over the search tower radome. I believe that this photo really captures the essence of our mission at Hofn. Most Americans are unaware of the constant games that were played by the US and the Soviet Union revolving around the intrusion into each other's airspace and the fighter interceptors escorting the intruders back out of the airspace. This so closely parallels the current events in China with the Navy EP-3 plane having the midair collision with the Chinese fighter.

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