Photos of Friends

Caryl Stevens....Caryl is a former classmate at Melrose High School

My friends, Charlie & Eleanor.....Charlie & I have been friends since Jr High School in Melrose, Mass

Myself & my buddy, Mac...Mac and I were roommates in Iceland while in the AF in the 50's

Julie & Chris at Daytona Beach....Julie & I work together at the Florida turnpike.

Julie at Daytona Beach

This is me at Daytona Beach

This is my friend Tina and her son, Jordon. Tina works at the Toll Plaza with me.

This is my friend, Charlie and his wife, Eleanor. Charlie and I have been friends since Jr High.

This is me in my kayak

This is Tina with her children, Jordan and Britney

These are my new friends, Sandy and Jerry

More Photos

Photos 2: More Family Photos
Photos 3:Even More Family Photos
Photos 1:Don's Photos
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