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Kayaking on the Rainbow River

Ever since I moved to Florida a couple of years ago, I've been talking about getting a boat. I wanted something that was solid and stable enough to handle the many lakes, rivers, streams, etc that Central Florida offers. I needed something that was relatively inexpensive and something I could cartop with ease. I began to think that perhaps a kayak was the answer and set out to look at them. A friend of mine, Tina located a shop near her that is run by a nice couple, Jerry and Sandy and we went over there to check out their kayaks. They have a wide assortment in styles, price range, etc depending on what you are looking for and what you intend to use it for. Jerry suggested we take a ride in one and try it out so we set out for our first rides in a kayak. He took us down a local river and showed us how to get in and out without falling in the water, how to paddle, etc and most important perhaps, how to enjoy the peace and serenity of nature from a kayak. I immediatly loved the little boat and decided to buy one. It happened that the next day, Jerry and Sandy were hosting a wilderness tour on the Rainbow River near Dunnellon, Fl. Thats on the western side of the state near the gulf. It didn't take us long to decide to join them on the trip and we were there the next afternoon to help load the kayaks on the trailer and set off for Rainbow River. The pictures to follow will show the fun to be had in a kayak. There were 12 of us on the trip. Jerry & Sandy, George & Alexis, Paul & Tina with their 3 kids, Britney, Kyle & Jordan, myself, Don and two other gentlemen whose names escape me. Enjoy the pictures!

Here we loading our kayaks into the water.

This is Sandy and Jerry

This is Tina, Jordan and Britney

Jerry is in the blue boat, George & Alexis in the red boat with Sandy in the middle in the white boat.

This is Britney, Jordan & Tina.

This is a little rest period.

Red boat is George & Alexis, yellow boat is Britney, Jordan & Tina.

This is Jerry & Sandy

This is George & Alexis

This is me, Don

After reaching our destination, we cooled off in crystal clear water. This is Kyle.

This is Britney coming out of the water.

This is Jerry

This is Tina coming out of the water.

This is Jerry and Sandy